Abhiruchi Chakkalu 7 oz
Abhiruchi Chakkalu

Chakkalu are a South-Indian specialty snack. They are shaped like chips and made with rice flour, ch..


Abhiruchi Karapusa 7 oz
Abhiruchi Karapusa

Karapusa is an essential savory item along with Sweet chutney and Green chutney, forming an integral..


Abhiruchi Mixture 7 oz
Abhiruchi Mixture

A traditional spicy "Indian Trail Mix" made with chickpea flour, corn oil, rice flour, raisins, pean..


Abhiruchi Murukkulu 7 oz
Abhiruchi Murukkulu

Murukulu is a South Indian snack made in long, ridged pieces. They are crunchy and mildly spiced. Th..


Abhiruchi Ribbon Pakoda 7 oz
Abhiruchi Ribbon Pakoda

Ribbon Pakoda is specialty snack from South India made with rice flour, gram flour, chili powder, sa..


Abhiruchi Spicy Chakidalu 7 oz
Abhiruchi Spicy Chakidalu

Chakidalu is a South Indian snack made in long, thick strands. They are made by combining rice flour..


Anand Andhra Mixture 400 gm
Anand Andhra Mixture

Anand Andhra Mixture..


Anand Baby Murukku Spicy 200 gm
Anand Baby Murukku Spicy

Anand Baby Murukku Spicy..


Anand Black Sesame Laddu 200 gm
Anand Black Sesame Laddu

Anand Black Sesame Laddu..


Anand Bombay Mixture 400 gm
Anand Bombay Mixture

Anand Bombay Mixture..


Anand Boondi 400 gm
Anand Boondi

Anand Boondi..


Anand Boondi Masala 400 gm
Anand Boondi Masala

Anand Boondi Masala..


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