Fresh Vegetables

Avocado (Each) Each
Avocado (Each)

Avocados are green-skinned, fleshy and may be pear-shaped or spherical. They have a smooth texture a..

Beetroot 1 lb

Beetroot is known to contain nitrates plus vitamin C and folate. Folate and vitamin C help sup..

Carrots Bag 1 lb
Carrots Bag

Carrots contain vitamin A, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Evidence suggests that eating mo..

Cucumber (Each) Each
Cucumber (Each)

Cucumber is a cooling vegetable that is high in water content. It is often eaten in summer. It can b..

Desi Ginger 0.5 lb
Desi Ginger

Desi Gingers have a shinier, harder and whiter skin than the usual soft brown coating. They are very..

Fresh Coconut (Each) Each
Fresh Coconut (Each)

Coconut is a very stable fruit. It is a mature fruit of the cocos nucifera palm. The fruit is nearly..

Fresh Garlic Small bag (Each) Each
Fresh Garlic Small bag (E...

Garlic is a white, thin-skinned cluster of cloves which has a strong pungent flavour. It is a herb, ..

Lemon (Each) Each
Lemon (Each)

Lemon is a small citrus fruit, with skin and flesh that are green in color. They have an enjoyable s..

Lime (Each) Each
Lime (Each)

A perfect combination of sweet, juicy and sour, Mosambi or Sweet Lime is a fruit that can refresh yo..

Loose Potato (Red) 1 lb
Loose Potato (White) 1 lb
Loose Potato (White)

Potato is a starchy vegetable that is widely used in many recipes. Due to its bland taste, peeled po..

Red Onion Bag 2 Lb 2 lb
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