Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

Avocado (Each) Each
Avocado (Each)

Avocados are green-skinned, fleshy and may be pear-shaped or spherical. They have a smooth texture a..


Beetroot 1 lb

Beetroot is known to contain nitrates plus vitamin C and folate. Folate and vitamin C help sup..


Carrots Bag 1 lb
Carrots Bag

Carrots contain vitamin A, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Evidence suggests that eating mo..


Cucumber (Each) Each
Cucumber (Each)

Cucumber is a cooling vegetable that is high in water content. It is often eaten in summer. It can b..


Curry Leaves Pouch (Each) Each
Curry Leaves Pouch (Each)

Curry leaves are the leaves of the curry tree, scientifically known as Murraya koenigii Spreng&..


Desi Ginger 0.5 lb
Desi Ginger

Desi Gingers have a shinier, harder and whiter skin than the usual soft brown coating. They are very..


Fresh Coconut (Each) Each
Fresh Coconut (Each)

Coconut is a very stable fruit. It is a mature fruit of the cocos nucifera palm. The fruit is nearly..


Fresh Garlic Small bag (Each) Each
Fresh Garlic Small bag (E...

Garlic is a white, thin-skinned cluster of cloves which has a strong pungent flavour. It is a herb, ..


Gala Apple (Each) Each
Gala Apple (Each)

Gala Apple (Each)..


Green Mango (Each) Each
Green Mango (Each)

Raw mango is a sweet-smelling fruit which is liked by al for its tart flavor. The colour varies in s..


Lemon (Each) Each
Lemon (Each)

Lemon is a small citrus fruit, with skin and flesh that are green in color. They have an enjoyable s..


Lime (Each) Each
Lime (Each)

A perfect combination of sweet, juicy and sour, Mosambi or Sweet Lime is a fruit that can refresh yo..


Loose Potato (Red) 1 lb
Loose Potato (White) 1 lb
Loose Potato (White)

Potato is a starchy vegetable that is widely used in many recipes. Due to its bland taste, peeled po..


Pooja Coconut (Uncleaned) Each
Pooja Coconut (Uncleaned)

Pooja Coconut (Uncleaned) Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place   ..


Red Apples (Each) Each
Red Apples (Each)

Red Apples (Each) ..


Red Onion Bag 2 Lb 2 lb
Small Chilli 0.5 lb
Small Chilli

Small Chilli is light green in colour, elongated, tapering towards the tip, which is most popularly ..


Yellow Onion Bag 2 Lb 2 lb
Yellow Turmeric 0.5 lb
Yellow Turmeric



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