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Bedekar Garlic Chutney 100 gm
Bedekar Garlic Chutney

Enjoy the piquant taste of Bedekar Garlic Chutney with everyday Rice & Chapatti. But it is at it..

Ching's Secret Chilli Vinegar 170 ml
Ching's Secret Chilli Vin...

Imparts a tangy flavor to dishes and is an integral ingredient in most Chinese preparations. The gre..

Ching's Secret Dark Soya Sauce 220 gm
Ching's Secret Dark Soya ...

This is an essential ingredient in Chinese cooking. This Indian-style soy sauce is made from a mixtu..

Ching's Secret Green Chilli Sauce 200 gm
Ching's Secret Green Chil...

A yin and yang blend of spice and tangy. An ideal dipping sauce which adds an extra zing to any dish..

Ching's Secret Manchurian Stir Fry Sauce 250 gm
Ching's Secret Manchurian...

Now Chinese is made easy! Ching's Secret Manchurian Stir Fry Sauce combines aromatic spices in a jar..

Ching's Secret Red Chilli Sauce 200 gm
Ching's Secret Red Chilli...

Red chilli sauce is made from spicy red chillies, it is an excellent dip sauce for chilli lovers. It..

Ching's Secret Schezwan Stir Fry Sauce 250 gm
Ching's Secret Schezwan S...

This is one of the most popular and versatile of Chinese sauces. A fiery blend of pure Red Chillies ..

Deep Garlic Chutney (Dry) 150 gm
Deep Garlic Chutney (Dry)

A spicy Tangy Chutney, that goes great with just about anything. Falafal Yogurt dips With vegetable..

Deep Garlic Paste 10 oz
Deep Garlic Paste

This is a puree of peeled and crushed garlic cloves. This convenient paste makes the days of peeling..

Deep Ginger Garlic Paste 10 oz
Deep Ginger Garlic Paste

Ginger and Garlic are a must-have in Indian curries. This is a convenient way of making Indian curri..

Deep Ginger Paste 10 oz
Deep Ginger Paste

A puree of fresh ginger a kitchen staple quick and easy to use. Ginger is an essential ingredient in..

Deep Tandori Paste 10 oz
Deep Tandori Paste

A tantalisingly tasty alternative to a curry, a Tandoori is a dry dish - meat or veg marinated in sp..

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