Kanaiya Aam Papad 200 gm
Kanaiya Aam Papad

Kanaiya Aam Papad is made out of high-quality Being a well established-organization, we are eng..

Kanaiya Chilli Whole 100 gm
Kanaiya Chilli Whole

Kanaiya Chilli Whole are one of the largest traded spices in the international market. Chilli W..

Kanaiya Chilli Whole Round 100 gm
Kanaiya Chilli Whole Roun...

This South Indian variety of Chili is just as hot as its long relatives. Their unique color and shap..

Kanaiya Dry Ginger 100 gm
Kanaiya Dry Ginger

Ginger is regarded as the most versatile spice amongst all others. It is widely used in not just ind..

Kanaiya Nav Dhanya 200 gm
Kanaiya Nav Dhanya

9 bean mix known as 'Nav Dhanya' can be used in cooking or ritual. Country of Origin: Product of In..

Kanaiya Sugar Candy 400 gm
Kanaiya Sugar Candy

Kanaiya Candy which has a pet name as “Mishri” (Patika Bellam) . It consists of various medicinal pr..

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