Surati Banana Chips 12 oz
Surati Banana Chips

Surati Banana Chips strikes a chord with the taste buds of its consumers. Authentic taste, hygie..

Surati Bhel Mix 300 gm
Surati Bhel Mix

Surati Bhel Mix is tangy, crunchy mixture of chickpea strings, pressed rice, cornflakes, split c..

Surati Chakri/Muruku 300 gm
Surati Chakri/Muruku

Surati Chakri/Muruku, is a famous hand-made Indian savory snack. We have various type of Cha..

Surati Dal Mooth 300 gm
Surati Dal Mooth

This product is manufactured for your pleasure and enjoyment. If you are not completely satisfied p..

Surati Masala Boondi 300 gm
Surati Masala Boondi

Ready to eat snack. Not only does Boondi taste amazing on its own as a snack, but it also makes a gr..

Surati Peanut Bhujiya 300 gm
Surati Peanut Bhujiya

Surati Peanut Bhujiya, also known as masala peanuts, are a medium spicy snack originating in Indian ..

Surati Punjabi Mix Extra Hot 300 gm
Surati Punjabi Mix Extra ...

This wonderful zesty combination of noodles, nuts & raisins, makes Surati Foods’ premier product th..

Surati Salted Channa Dal 300 gm
Surati Salted Channa Dal

One of the most popular North‐Indian snacks, salted chanadal is also known as dal moth. It is a simp..

Surati Salted Green Peas 300 gm
Surati Salted Green Peas

The first thing we thought was, really? Salted Peas? But they are actually really good. Salted green..

Surati Salted Moong Dal 300 gm
Surati Salted Moong Dal

The Surati Salted Moong Dal is the perfect, healthy snack. The all time salted snack of fried moong ..

Surati Sev Fine 12 oz
Surati Sev Fine

Salt and spices are added at the last moment to give Fine Sev its unique, temptingly tasty flavo..

Surati Spicy Bhel Mix 300 gm
Surati Spicy Bhel Mix

A spicy mixture of fried rice puffs, cashews, masala peanuts, masala cashews, maag, tikhi sev and ma..

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