Shan Aloo Bhaji Masala 50 gm
Shan Aloo Bhaji Masala

The Shan aaloo bhajia masala is a precisely balanced mix of spices and herbs that may be used to coo..

Shan Butter Chicken 50 gm
Shan Butter Chicken

The Shan butter chicken is a spice mix specifically prepared for use as a marinade for the subcontin..

Shan Chana Masala 100 gm
Shan Chana Masala

The Shan chana masala is a spice mix to you can use to prepare either chickpea curry or chana cholay..

Shan Chapli Kabab 50 gm
Shan Chapli Kabab

The Shan chappli kabab masala was awarded the Superior Taste award in 2010 by the International Tast..

Shan Chicken Masala 50 gm
Shan Chicken Masala

Shan Foods (Pvt) Ltd. knows that sub-continental cuisine is a very delicate art. Ever since they deb..

Shan Chicken Tikka Masala 50 gm
Shan Chicken Tikka Masala

The Shan chicken tikka masala is a mix of spices and seasoning suitable for cooking chicken tikka ba..

Shan Chinese Chowmein Masala 35 gm
Shan Chinese Chowmein Mas...

Chowmein is now getting more yummy since Chings New Chowmein Miracle Masala is here to add the mirac..

Shan Dahi Bara Chat Masala 50 gm
Shan Dahi Bara Chat Masal...

The Shan dahi bara chaat masala is a spice mix expressly formulated for the preparation of the dahi ..

Shan Fried Chops 50 gm
Shan Fried Chops

Shan Chops/Steak Masala is a great mixture of different spices. Use it in Chops/Steaks taste better ..

Shan Fried Fish 50 gm
Shan Fried Fish

Shan fried fish make with different type of spices. This spices make the taste of your Fish Awesome...

Shan Garlic Paste 310 gm
Shan Garlic Paste

Garlic paste made from premium fresh garlic. Shan has carefully selected, hygienically processed and..

Shan Ginger Paste 310 gm
Shan Ginger Paste

Shan has carefully selected, hygienically processed and packed the world's finest Himalayan ginger o..

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