Bansi Chora Vadi (Chunks) 200 gm
Bansi Chora Vadi (Chunks)

Chora vadi also known as sun dried nuggets is a produce of India. Chora Wadis made from lentils/legu..


Bansi Moong Vadi (Chunks) 200 gm
Bansi Moong Vadi (Chunks)

Bansi Moong Vadi Chunks are generally prepared from dried beans by boiling until they are soft. Mung..


Bansi Soya Vadi (Chunks) 200 gm
Bansi Soya Vadi (Chunks)

Soya vadi have long been a favourite. Soya Chunks also know as meal maker is said to lower cholester..


Ruchi's Nutrela Soya Chunks 200 gm
Ruchi's Nutrela Soya Chun...

These tasty soy chunks are an ideal family food-rich in proteins, versatile, and easy to prepare. Nu..


Ruchi's Nutrela Soya Chunks Mini 200 gm
Ruchi's Nutrela Soya Chun...

Tiny soya chunks go great in salads or a rice pilaf. 100% vegetarian Trusted soy food brand Promotes..


Ruchi's Nutrela Soya Granules 200 gm
Ruchi's Nutrela Soya Gran...

Dishes cooked with nutrela are very tasty and also have natural nutritive goodness. Nutrela High ..


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