Pooja Leaves

Bilvum Leaves 100 gm
Bilvum Leaves

Worship of Shiva which is done without offering Bilva leaf is fruitless, enrich your worship with Bi..


Davanam 100 gm

Davanam leaves are one of the sacred leaves which are used while performing pooja rituals and also f..


Mango Leaves (15) 15PC
Mango Leaves (15)

Mango leaves are one of the sacred leaves, symbolized with many Gods and Goddesses. Five leaves of ..


Mango Leaves Thoranam 1 ft 1 ft
Mango Leaves Thoranam 1 f...

Hanging of auspious Mango Leaves at the entrance of the house for it is belived to ward off evil spr..


Neem Leaves 100 gm
Neem Leaves

Neem means ‘perfect, complete and imperishable. It is belived that leaves are strung on the main..


Paan Leaves (5) 5PC
Paan Leaves (5)

Enrich your pooja with Betel leaves are known as "Paan" or "Tambul" . A worship is incomplete witho..


Tulsi Leaves (Holy Basil Leaves) 100 gm
Tulsi Leaves (Holy Basil ...

Tulsi is considered a sacred plant and is often planted around shrines. Tulsi, means "the incompar..


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