Bhakti Cotton Wicks (Long) 50 gm
Bhakti Cotton Wicks (Long...

We are engaged in offering our customers a quality Cotton Long Batti. This range of Cotton Long Batt..

Bhakti Edible Camphor 100 gm
Bhakti Edible Camphor

Edible Camphor should not be confused with normal camphor which we use for performing pooja and elim..

Bhakti Kheel Patasa 50 gm
Bhakti Kheel Patasa

Patasa, a kind of sweets It made from sugar are usually used on happy occasions. Taste: Swe..

Bhakti Pooja Cloth 50 gm
Bhakti Pooja Cloth

This 100% cotton piece of cloth is used in various religious ceremonies. It measures approximately 2..

Bhakti Pooja Nuts (Small Whole) 100 gm
Bhakti Pooja Nuts (Small ...

Supari or Areca nut are commonly used in Hindu rituals. Every Puja Thali has this famous ingredient...

Bhakti Pooja Nuts Sali Thin Sweet 100 gm
Bhakti Pooja Nuts Sali Th...

The nut sali thin sweet is a part of the age old-custom of Indian eating and is an integral part of ..

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