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Araku Boomi Instant Coffee

Araku Boomi Instant Coffee's unique flavor and aroma is exclusive to shade grown arabica coffee plantations in a high altitude of 3,000 ft (18.3273 N, 82.8775 E). The coffee beans are cultivated under natural shades by the tribal community of eastern ghats in the celebrated Araku Valley region, India. The beans are sourced through eco friendly practices and delicately processed to preserve a delicious fruity flavor highlighted with caramel notes and finish with a bitter sweetness.

The Specialty Coffee Association, a non-profit organization that represents coffee professionals all over the world, ranked the quality of Araku Valley Coffee 88-90 on a scale of 100!

Araku Coffee won the prestigious award for the Best Coffee in Paris, France


Relish the flavors of Araku Boomi Instant Coffee!!

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